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A multicultural church in the heart of Berlin, changing people's perceptions about Jesus and His Church.

A little about...

Berlin Connect

Berlin Connect is a multicultural church in the heart of Berlin. Our philosophy is simply to love God, love people and love life. Our motto is: “Come as you are”.

Sunday Experience

Sundays are Jesus-focused and people-empowering.

Coming Up

Next Sunday, Guest Speakers & more.


Connecting to a bigger picture.


Preparing the next generation.


Becoming resilient citizens for the future.

Connecting our Sundays to our Midweek


Sitting around a table of friendship and family is important to us all. As Sundays get bigger in numbers, it’s important that our midweek connections become more meaningful and personal. What we learn on Sundays, about Christ and His kindness towards us, we get to put into practice midweek in our Dinner Parties and across every area of our lives.

Dinner Parties in the Park

One table of community.

Dinner Parties with Purpose

Take your place at the table.


Seeing women flourish and empowered.

Shining brightly in society

Social Enterprise

Our desire is to contribute to the well-being of society as a whole through social enterprise and leadership innovation. Out of the overflow of our lives we can serve our city by getting involved, finding and supporting positive solutions that place value, speak to peoples potential and point to vision that shapes a better society.

Social Kindness

Expressing kindness globally and socially.

Futureminded Group

Finding positive solutions to the challenges our city faces.

Are you free this Sunday?

Come join us

We are unashamedly passionate about the House of God. We welcome visitors at Berlin Connect and would love to have you join us in church this weekend.

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